About Us

Paul O’Mahony with his wife Janice started O’Mahony Concrete Forming in 1985 to supply the demands for residential concrete foundations, and in 1986 started Dome Concrete Forming to supply the up and coming commercial and industrial needs for the growing Simcoe County area.

Ryan and Erin O’Mahony (Paul and Janice’s children) are following in the family business, growing customers, hiring and training new formers and staying in tune with customers’ needs. They continue to build on the foundation of the business.

How it Started

Paul O’Mahony, (original founder of O’Mahony Concrete Forming: Started as a labourer working his way up to….
Site superintendent for a local residential house builder.

He discovered the need for good, quality poured concrete foundation companies because most houses were done with concrete block at the time. This was the beginning of O’Mahony Concrete Forming.....supply and demand, meeting the needs of Simcoe County.

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